Create vibrant relationships with self & other

Anytime, anywhere.

Taos, NM March 13th-17th, 2019
 Personal Transformation & Collaborative Leadership
Taos, March 13th-17th, 2019
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Save up to $600. 
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  • A REAL Break: Space for YOU.
  •  Group: Multiply your benefits and learnings by being part of an intimate, hand-picked group.
  •  Love Yourself: Stay at a magical, handcrafted artistic location 5 days, 4 nights.
  • Bonuses: Gifts, meals, ceremonies and activities included
Personal & Professional Transformation
Immerse yourself in a curated, women's only, small group experience amid the desert calm and grandeur. Learn how to lead your life in a way that honors Self and Others. Plus experience healing space for YOU to reach and solidify your new frequency. 

Transformative, integrative downloads in an intimate setting with your Guides, Isabelle Tierney and Dainella Nartker, in a retreat designed to help you achieve a stronger connection to your intuition, desires and achieve a new level of emotional intelligence to nurture connection with Yourself and Others anywhere, anytime.

Experience the quantum magic of a Destination11 Retreat in a landscape held sacred for 1,000's of years. The desert of Taos is a place of calm expansion and spirit that invokes humility and rapture within a single breath. Intentionally selected to nourish, support and elevate the transformations within YOU as you integrate.

Your experience here is a spontaneous response to who you are and the questions in your heart, both spoken and unspoken. It is our intention that you leave having metabolized the shifts you make during your stay, ready to carry them forward into your everyday life.

Not a quick retreat high and then crash. D11 are designed to begin from the moment you consider joining us to post-retreat integration calls where we take the downloads and uploads received into our 'default' worlds. Finally, lasting change!
"I became aware of how little I really need. Just being was enough. 
The felt experience of having enough, of having what you need come with ease. 
I learned that fundamentally at the core I am whole and complete."

-Deidra Towns,
Actualization Coach, Feel Good Life Practitioner and Bali 2018 attendee
If you want to...
Have time for YOU.
Feel less STRESSED and more INSPIRED.
Be your best GROUNDED and RESTED you.
BUILD vibrant relationships with others.
Then, Destination11 March 2019 Retreat Is For YOU.
How Can This Upgrade Your Relationship To Self & Others?
Daily Downloads
Custom with personalized attention... Teachings, curated specifically to You and your fellow group members' journeys. We will address where you are at NOW and where YOU WANT TO BE in a highly intentional, personalized manner.
Space for YOU
This is YOUR time for YOU... Built into our schedule is intentional space for YOU to honor self and your spiritual needs. Supported by place, group and spirit. We hold self care in high regard and self care is a GIVEN not the exception.
In Real Time
This isn't about following a pre-written script. This is about us showing up authentically and shockingly vulnerable to model IN REAL TIME how we create collaborative leadership with Self and Others as we lead our lives, families, and businesses.
Have questions?
Schedule a free 10min call with
to connect and explore this opportunity for yourself.
Why Taos?
The native peoples of North America have been drawn to the area for thousands of years. The mountains stretch their arms towards Heaven and yet their roots feel as if they ground to the center of the Earth. 

Fully leave your stress patterns behind and join us in for a stay where natives once set their camps. Here we will uplevel together inspired and supported by the spirit of the land itself.

Surrounded by comfort and safety, both in group cohesion and setting, your experience is designed to care for you to have the opportunity to allow what needs to rise and be seen to doing so.

There is time and space for YOU to have big experiences, integrate them, AND practice new skills to then sustainably carry your transformation forward into your 'default' world. 
  • Grounded Integration: Have you felt desert energy? It invites you to be held by the Earth and yet it inspires massive expansion with its spaciousness.
  • Held & Cared for by Surroundings: Care and personalized attention has been applied to our retreat location with an eye on facilitating flow in and out of doors with ease. Know that you will be nestled comfort while you explore edges. 
  • Pausing to Reconnect with You: This Retreat is imbued with devotion to spiritual cultivation and invites pausing to refill your own well. Our way of being with the world encourages relinquishing haste and busy calendars to simply be with Oneness. In all things, we practice welcoming and remaining flexible in service of Your journey.

"I love observing how the energies change in groups. 
It is like watching a river flow for me, seeing how a new person, or someone trying on a new skillset, or letting go of a limiting beliefs changes the eddies. 

It is endlessly inspiring for me. 
Collaborative Leadership has gifted me the space to see all of the flows 
and welcome the changes to co-create at a high frequency."

-Dainella Nartker, Co-Founder Destination11
Co-Led by...
Isabelle Tierney
Teacher, Healer, Speaker
Isabelle Tierney, M.A., LMFT, is a healer, author, and speaker. She is the creator of “The Feel Good Life: How to Create Success without Stress”.

She has been in private practice internationally since 1996, helping people learn to live passionate, sacred and awakened lives. Her bent is psycho-spiritual, believing that we have to heal mind, body and spirit to become whole.

Isabelle works with individuals, couples, and groups. She’s on the team of the Unconventional Life, a business accelerator program for entrepreneurs, ranked #1 by Inc. Magazine. She also teaches, consults, trains and presents for various professional groups, businesses and organizations. 

Past positions have included adjunct professor at Naropa University and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She has lectured regularly at Core Power Yoga Bootcamp and is a contributing writer at Teen Truth.

Her home is in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where she maintains a full practice locally and abroad. She travels internationally leading workshops, and retreats, speaking to audiences on topics such as stress, addiction, and how to create Heaven on Earth.
Dainella Nartker
Integrator, Marketer, Clarity Coach
Dainella Nartker, is a Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner, digital marketer and business coach, who focuses on evoking clear insights from her clients to help them monetize their vision and scale through systematization.

She's often referred to as someone who provides safety and a grounding effect for others. This comes from a life spent pushing her comfort zone until she keenly knew the signals of her nervous system at different levels of sympathetic arousal, from wildland firefighting, Antarctic life, to adreneline sports, outdoor leadership and entrepreneurship she has a diverse background to draw upon to accelerate results for her clients.

Founder of, a small social marketing agency for skilled trades contractors, and FierceGrowth.Today, a consultancy focused on helping visonaries clarify their marketing message to promote buying decisions. Certified in Relational Leadership with a B.S. in Environmental Science and an Outdoor Pursuits Leadership & Education graduate from UofO, she enjoys supporting individuals and groups to explore the edges of their comfort zones in safety.

Her basecamp home is high in the Rockies Colorado, where she has recently taken a sabbatical from her full-time Ortho-Bionomy® Practice to travel for 2019 to teach retreats both in the US and abroad. 
Our Founding Event was QUANTUM MAGIC
in Northern Bali, December 2018
In honoring Self and Other, quantum magic arose. 

All was welcomed, participants were met where they were energetically, and in being vulnerable as leaders
 to maintain a high level of energetic integrity something arose. 

Something extremely valuable.

That something was not only the practice of collaborative leadership to build vibrant relationships 
but the modeling in real time of it. We witnessed the 
success of participants 'trying it on' for themselves in the retreat's SAFE container. 

It is possible to learn this for yourself. 
You can experience deep connection with Self and Other, while leading complex situations at a high level. 

Come learn and play with us to
Immersive Experience
We cannot predict what will unfold for you during your stay here. 

We can only assure you that you will emerge anew, transformed in 
exactly the ways you’ve been longing for.
Connect with group members and begin your journey on two 90min calls in the weeks leading up to our retreat. 
All calls are recorded and available to retreat members.
Day 1
Travel to our secluded retreat oasis near Taos, New Mexico to meet up
 with us and your fellow group members.

We will help you settle in after your travel adventures. 

Please arrive no earlier than 5pm. Our Welcome Dinner will be at 6pm. 

Your Sound & Healing Ceremony will be held after our group meal to begin your retreat journey.

Day 2
Drop in and connect with us.
7:30am: Pajama Meditation
8:30-9:30am: Restorative Yoga
9:30-10:30am: Breakfast
10:30-noon:Teaching Downloads 
Noon-1pm: Sacred YOU Space
1-2pm: Lunch
3:30-5pm: Real Time Coaching
5-7pm: Sacred YOU Space
6-8:30pm: Happy Hour & Dinner
Day 3
Earth & Spirit Connection
7:30am: Pajama Meditation
8:30-9:30am: Breakfast
9:30-11am: Teaching Downloads
11-noon: Movement
Noon-1pm: Sacred YOU Space
1-2pm: Lunch
2-4pm: Real Time Coaching
4-7pm: Sacred YOU Space
6-8:30pm: Happy Hour & Dinner

Day 4
Slowing down and metabolizing.
7:30am: Pajama Meditation
8:30-9:30am: Breakfast
9:30-11am: Teaching Downloads
11-noon: Movement
Noon-1pm: Sacred YOU Space
1-2pm: Lunch
2-4pm: Intentional Integration
4-7pm: Sacred YOU Space
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Closing Sound & Integration Ceremony

Day 5
Your spiritual well has been refilled. 
Extend your Southwest time for solo travel (or a with a new friend from group!) or follow your heart homewards. 
7:30-8:30am: Breakfast
8:30-10am: Retreat Closing Ceremony
11am: Check out

Post-Retreat Integration
A lot happens at these events - in you. Integration is key in our world and we offer 3 post-event group calls to support you in bringing the change into your life in greater comfort. 

Participants of our retreats are also welcomed into monthly Destination11 Upgrade calls* to continue connection and find ongoing inspiration. 

*These are exclusive to D11 Retreat participants.
Our Location...
'Finding Rest - Letting Go - Coming Home'
Our location, Vista Verde, has been carefully selected to best cultivate your transformation, energetic recharge, and encourage sustainable, lasting change in a supportive environment for our group.

Imagine 55 acres of calm nestled in rural high desert forests of northern New Mexico. A sense of serenity is pervasive as you wind your way through the compound on footpaths and game trails. This harmonious haven is a relaxing and restorative environment where the sacred feels seeped into the soil.
Nourishing & Energizing
Food cultivated, chosen and cooked with intention.
Meet Brigita, our Culinary Artist.

Specializing in local, deeply satisfying dishes made with 
traditional techniques, modern knowledge and international flavors.
Brigita creates artisan goods from organic, locally-sourced, wild-crafted ingredients. 
All made with love and from her lifelong passion for holistic health and food nutrition. She will be onsite and sharing her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing food lore and wildcrafting with us.
... honest, essential, pure, natural, vital, conscious, true, wise...
Where will we be staying so I can make travel arrangements?
Near Taos, with the hamlet of Carson, New Mexico being the closest town to google for directions. The nearest airport is Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part of the adventure is getting there! We will discuss this in depth and are open to questions. 
What will meals be like? I have allergies, will the food be safe for me?
Please, let us know on your registration form regarding any special dietary requirements you may have. The on-site chef can accommodate gluten-free, vegan diet very easily. The food will be UNBELIEVABLE! Think wildcrafted, locally sourced divine nourishment made with love and care by someone truly aligned with our work!
Additional questions, or not sure if this Retreat is a good fit for You?? We want to make sure this is the perfect choice for you.
Please, reach out directly to Isabelle at, or 303-817-6912 to get answers. Or, Dainella Nartker, at (971) 645-9421
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